I want to break free

Imagine a house where you can be yourself. A place where you decide how you want to live and which is also affordable!

That is possible with the WoW House… read more

break free


The WoW-House is stubborn, efficient, extremely sustainable, flexible in its lay-out and completely up-to-date. The WoW-House shows a new way of living in which the resident determines how he or she wants to live… read more

Just special people

Of all households in the Netherlands, only 25% correspond to a traditional family. This means that 75% has a different composition. Subsequently, it appears that in the city approximately 50% of the inhabitants live alone.

More than enough family homes are being built in the Netherlands, which is why we do not focus on the ‘ordinary’, but on the large group of simply special people... read more

Gewoon bijzondere mensen


The WoW-House meets in all aspects what you can expect from a contemporary home. The used materials and the construction details meet the highest sustainability more

A hybrid construction system

Production in construction is moving from craft to assembly. The parts are made in the factory under ideal conditions and assembled on site. This combines optimum quality with a shorter construction time, which in turn has a positive effect on more

Gewoon bijzondere mensen

More space and more freedom

We have set ourselves the goal that the WoW-House should be accessible to as many people as possible. The special thing about the WoW-House is the optimal use of space and the unprecedented possibilities to use it according to your own preference. Between 8 and 12 m2 of extra living space will become available, just by dropping the traditional hall.

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The basis of the WoW-House is formed by a two, three or four-storey arrangement. Voids or even the omission of entire floor areas offer the possibility of making the interior more special and creating connections with the living spaces above.

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The way in which the staircase is designed determines the organization of the home. A straight stairway, a stairway with two quarters or a semicircular stairway, each makes a different connection possible. As a result, the WoW-House can easily be adapted to the desired need. It can be transformed into many typologies, ranging from a family home, a downstairs apartment, a back-to-back home, a kangaroo infill or it can even be converted into a collective living space for asylum seekers or for students.

If the stairs are placed directly against the core volume, it is even possible to place the entrance centrally from the side wall.

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The WoW House was conceived and designed by architecten van Mourik. For more information, please contact us.

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break free